Quebec Railway Map Project

Who We Are

 My name is Paul Delamere. I am the site owner and author of the Quebec Railway Map Project. I am also co-author of the Southern Ontario Railway Map Project:

 It is my eventual goal to map all of the railways that exist or once existed in the province of Quebec. This includes all manner of rail transportation such as streetcar, tramway, funicular, inter-urban, class 1, steam, diesel or electric, if steel wheels ran on rails, I want to record it. 

 This is a labour of love and there is no funding for what I am doing here. It comes from a need inspired many years ago while out hunting abandoned railways and it has only recently become technically possible to do.

 The purpose of the map is to give railfans and historians a one stop place to find the route of any line they may be interested in. It also marks (as close as possible) the locations of former railway stations for the enthusiast in the field. Where known, a relocated stations' present location is also included.

 The .kml/.kmz  file format runs on most mobile gps units. This means any portion of the map can be loaded onto your mobile GPS for use in tracing the route of your favorite railway.... and plotted even further where currently unmarked on the map.

 I welcome any maps but especially high quality topographical or aerial protographs in digital format of what was once and is currently on the ground. Any information regarding the location of any railway related service facilities is welcomed such as station locations, mileage or system maps, roundhouses, freight sheds, electric railway powerhouses and carbarns, track layouts for yards, sidings and spurs.... in short if the railways had it on the ground, I want to know where it was.

 I also welcome your criticisms as well. Anyone noting anything on the map that is incorrect and can offer evidence will be credited for their help here on the website. Please understand this is early in the maps existence and alot is still missing. This will be corrected over time as more and more is added. Your help is needed to make this happen sooner. Please share in the creation of a historical document.

 I hope you enjoy our work,

 Paul Delamere

 Author - Quebec Railway Map Project