Quebec Railway Map Project

File Alpha 10 Released.

This update centres on the area around Thetford P.Q. and is due to the contributions of member Dany Jaques. Many of the mine spurs have been added and cited for date and mine company. I hope there will be more contributors like Dany in the future to help increase the data base.

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 Thank you for your continued interest in my work.

September 29 2011

File Alpha 09.

Many thanks to a new contributor Alain Côté for his help in the Drummondville region.

This update is mostly to correct for Google revising its satellite images over various regions of Quebec.

Please remember to delete previous map files from "My Places" in Google Earth before opening this file to avoid confusion.

March 17 2010

File Alpha 08

First change this time is the removal of electric systems from the map.

Quebec electric railway and street systems can now be found here:

"The Canadian Electric Railway Map Collection"

 This companion project covers all electric railway systems across all Canada and is similar to this project in form and function. Please visit the site and take a membership to receive automatic update notices.

Additions to the map this time center on Montreal east. The former route of the Canadian Northern Railway from the tunnel line through Anjou and Rosemont to the Moreau station line has been added.

Also added is more of the industrial park service tracks in east Montreal.

 I thank you for your continued support and remind you to delete previous map files from your Google Earth "My Places" to avoid confusion.

February 25 2010

File Alpha 08


First and foremost, I wish to deeply thank Mr. Mattieu Lachance of Quebec City for his invaluable assistance with the Quebec Railway, Light, Heat and Power - Montmorency Division map. His generous help has allowed me to fill out the station list, correct mis-spelled names and map out most of the known sidings and spurs, as well as identify the companies they served. There is still some tweaking and a mystery to solve, but I believe you wont find a better map of this system anywhere. I am looking forward to completeing this and the Citidel Division with his continued collaboration. Please use the supplied link to visit his website listed on the contributors page. Merci Mattieu!

I have also tenatively arranged a meeting with noted author and historian Mr. Thomas Grumley to further detail the maps of the electric railways in Quebec. I will report on this as soon as it happens.

I am pleased to announce the addition of two more systems to the map. The first is the Three Rivers Traction Company, a street railway system. I was able to locate a map that showed the Cap-de-La-Madeleine portion of the line and oral recounts of the main line within Three Rivers. I am still in need of a proper map of the system that includes the St. Laurent Paper Mill line, but through the fire insurance maps I was able to locate the carbarns and main powerhouse. This contradicts what is said on the STTR website:

The second new addition is the East Broughton Electric Railway, an asbestos mine line. There was also a tram line in this town, but information is scarce as it was never a federally registered system. Any information on either of these systems is needed.

Class 1 railways:

The last few weeks have been very busy. My last announcement was in regards to Google updating their very poor quality low resolution images with slightly better images. This has allowed me to make far more accurate tracings of the all the lines that are not in a high resolution area. The downside to this is Google didn't do a real bang up job of aligning the new images. I have marked a step in all the places where the lines do not align. This has also brought me to the conclusion that most high detail yards and spurs in these areas will have to wait until Google provides better resolution images.

Trois Rivieres has received alot of attention and the CNoR longue Pointe yard and roundhouse has been added.


The Exporail museum has been added. This includes the tram line that encircles the main property as well as all visable storage track.

Much remains to be done and urge you to share any maps or knowledge you have that describe details that are not already on the map or that need correcting.

As usual, please discard previous editions of the map to avoid confusion.

I thank you for interest and support.

February 11 2010

Google updates vast areas.

 This message is to announce that Google Earth has updated its images in southern Quebec and Ontario. Many thousands of kilometers of track marked out in the older low resolution images will have to be re-aligned. Almost everywhere that was in the lowest resolution has been replaced with images that are much better, although not as high a resolution as the images over the greater Quebec City area. I have been waiting over two years for St. Thomas Ontario to clear up and now it has good enough to do the Caso yard and roundhouse and the street railway. I look forward to the work.

January 26th 2010

File Alpha 07

This update includes many new features, the most obvious being many more station locations have been added. We are near 90% of the stations in Quebec now marked. If anyone notes a station marker that is out of place or indicating demolished (an empty ballon) when it in fact still exists please alert us so we may make the necessary adjustments.


We are pleased to announce the addition of two more electric railway systems to the map. We located a copy of a 1910 map of Sherbrooke that details the street railway system in that city up to that date. Also added is the likely route of the line from there to Lennoxville. Our undying gratitude goes to anyone that can offer more information or a more up to date map of that system and the carbarn in Sherbrooke. The Chicoutimi paper mill electric railway has also been added.

The Quebec Railway Light Heat and Power system has been updated. Revisions include a more accurate track layout for the Usines shops as well as the wye, lead track and storage tracks for that property. Also revised is the Kent House line between Usines shops and Giffard to reflect corrected street routes, double trackage and the connection to the rest of the Kent House line at Giffard. Also updated is the track layout for the Hermine Carbarn as well as the St. Jean carbarn. Added is a stub line into the St. Malo shops property and the balance of the St. Vallier street line from the C.P.R. Palais station spur crossing to the end of tracks at the C.P.R. crossing on St. Sacrement. Also added is the balance of double trackage on Cote De la Fabrique and rue Ste. Famille.

The Montreal Tramway Company has been updated as well including a surprising piece of private right of way we were previously un-aware of. The original route of the line on Girouard from rue De Terrebonne to chemin Queen Mary was taken from the 1948 Omer Lavallee system map. As there was no deviation marked the honourable Mr. Lavallee's map it was marked to follow the route of Avenue Clanranald. Further research has uncovered it actually ran slightly to the east on a private right of way and has been marked as such. We can supply blueprint style maps of that era to support this updated information if the need arises. Also improved is the Blue Bonnets race track loop to reflect fact as well as the position of the right of way on Decarie from Queen Mary/Snowdon to the track. Now defined is the layout of the Garland terminus as well as the location of the terminus and the power substation buildings on that property. More information is still needed for the Cartierville line from the Blue Bonnets race track to the Cartierville terminus as well as the terminus track layout. Many other smaller adjustments have been made as well. We are still in need of track layouts for the Mountain and George V terminii, as well as the St. Henri, St. Denis and Mont Royal carbarns. Coming soon, a revision to the Youville shops layout.

We still have virtually nothing yet on the Levis, Shawinnigan Falls and East Broughton systems and your help is greatly appreciated.

Class 1 railways

There have been too many additions to list all of them but we will touch on the major additions/changes.

The Hochelaga roundhouse and a 1940's era representation of the yards have been added. You will also find the Moreau station yard has been completed with a footprint of the station and platform included. You may also notice the roundhouse in Outremont is actually round now. Coming soon is the yard at Outremont. A overhaul of the tracks in Chicoutimi has been done with the addition of a three stall roundhouse and facilities markers. Sherbrooke has received some attention as well with the C.P.R. round house and many sidings and stubs added around town. Coming soon is the rest of the C.P.R. yard as well as the Quebec Central Railway roundhouse, yard and facilities and the Boston an Maine Railway shops. Information is needed on the route of the Waterloo and Magag Railway that was supposed to have been in town as well. Coming soon is a major revision of most the lines across the bottom of Montreal including the Point St. Charles Grand Trunk facilities and yards as well as improvements to the Bonneventure and Windsor station yards and finally TURCOT!.

Independant Railways

We have changed the colour of the independant railways from a neon green to a powder blue to allow for better visual separation of these systems from the C.N. lines.

File Structures

For those of you who have gone as far as to expand the file within the My Places section of Google Earth may have noticed how truely disorganized it was. This was neglected up until now in order to bring you as much mainline railways as quickly as possible since the introduction of this project back in September. We have begun to better organize the file structures to enhance navigation of the files and added some new features. All Class One railways will now include subfiles breaking the lines down to Main Lines and Sidings etcetera and further sorted into Abandoned and Current or in service lines and sidings. We will soon be inserting all related stations and facilities marking files into their respective railway file so that in the future if all you want to see is the sum total of one railway line and all its parts you will be able to do so. We will continue to refine this until everything is where it should be in the file system.

We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy doing it and we appreciate your support and criticizisms. Please remember to delete your previous copy of the map file to avoid confusion.

Thank you.

January 05 2010

Many thanks to the good mambers of and the contributors to the thread titled Un désir nommé tramway. I have now completed the track layout at the Hochelaga carbarns and shops to reflect the post 1937 map posted there. I have also been able to mark out the Verdun power substation although I am not sure which corner it was on yet, and the Chemin Queen Mary power substation. Also marked is the Head office of the Montreal Tramway Company in downtown Montreal. You will also find the main shops building for the Youville shops has been marked out. Still needed are the track layouts for carbarns St.Henri, St. Denis 2, St. Denis 1, and Mont Royal, as well as the track plan for the Cartierville terminus. Its really coming along folks.

For the independant railway fan the entire route of the Thurso and Nation Valley Railway, one of the last independant logging railways in eastern Canada has been marked out.

More work has been done to the Trois Rivieres area as well as the Shawinigan/Grand mere region.

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December 28th 2009

File Alpha 05

It has been a little over a month since our last update. With this update you will notice the file size has doubled to 2.2 megabytes.

When you view the map you will also notice a great deal more station locations have been marked out. Just about everywhere a station has been placed the stations' sidings have been marked as well. If you are aware of alternate names for the stations, or if we have it marked as demolished and you are aware of its current location, please let us know so we can include its current location with the marker.

Many more fine details have been added to all the lines. We draw your attention to the roundhouse at Lake Megantic, the Intercolonial line to Levis from Charney which now includes two roundhouses on the waterfront and the Limoilou yard and roundhouse in Quebec City as examples.

For our electric railway fans the Quebec Railway Light Heat and Power Citadel and Montmorency Divisions have received attention including but not limited to the addition of the Kent House line and the track layout for the Usines shops at Limoilou. As well, several long abandoned gravel pit spurs on the Montmorency division are now included. Thanks to photographic evidence some extra double trackage has been marked for the Citadel division in Old Quebec City. We have also marked the QRLH&P head office and the two carhouses in the city, however we are still in need of track layouts for those carhouses. Also the funicular railway in Quebec City has been marked as well.

Also, several colonization roads have been added as well as some more independant lines such as the Salmon River and Northern Railway and the St. Vincent de Paul Quarry line are now marked.

We hope you enjoy our work and we invite your comments, concerns and contributions. While you are here please take a membership.

Thank you for your interest and support.

November 23 2009

File Alpha 04

This has been a good week for the Montreal Tramway portion of the map. The following carhouses have been drawn:

Cote St. Paul - carhouse and tracks.

St. Henri - Carhouse and partial tracks, track plan needed.

St. Denis - carhouse and partial tracks, track plan needed.

St. Denis - an older carhouse at St. Denis and St. Joseph E, track plan needed.

Hochelaga - Carhouse, offices and partial tracks, track plan needed.

Mont Royal - Carhouses and offices, track plan needed.

Also included is a substantial portion of the Bout de L'ile division, further information about this route is needed.

The carhouse/powerhouse/station and its related tracks have been marked at Granby west, and the tracks in Granby have been re-aligned due to better maps. Needed is a map showing the location of the Granby loop, and all sidings/spurs for the Granby division are needed.

The CN St. Raymond subdivision has been traced and most of it's station locations have been marked.

The Hôpital Saint Jean de Dieu Railway, and electric tramway has been marked out.

I have done some work on the CN/CP mains around Quebec city as well. I must point out that the photo images over the Quebec city area are among the clearest I have seen. You can count the ties and make out the switch stands on the lines.

The CN/ Murry Bay subdivision has been marked out. A portion of this line was the original QRL&P electric . Anyone with an original track plan for this electric line is asked to forward it so we can complete this line.

The Montmorency Falls funicular railway has been marked out as well.

Many other bits and pieces have been added so hunt around.

Please remember to delete previous copies of the map to avoid confusion.

Thank you for your interest and support.

November 15 2009

File Alpha 03

 This update includes mucn new trackage to the north of the St. Lawrence river including the route of the National Transcontinental, The Quebec and Lake St. John railway and the Ontario Northland within Quebec. Please chek out the area near Chicoutimi and Alma for the lines of the Roberval and Saguenay Railway.

 The electrified Montreal tunnel line and it's yard at St. Eustache are down in bright yellow.

 For Montreal Tramway Company fans more work to downtown Montreal has been done including previously undocumented sections on rue University and rue De l'Inspecteur. Still needed are track layouts for all tramway yards except for Youville.

 We are looking for information regarding the tracks and limits of the Montreal and Quebec City Port Authority railways.

 Please remember to delete previous copies of the map to avoid confusion and while your here take a membership and sign the guestbook. As always your opinions and help are welcome so leave a message in the forum area with your ideas.

 Thank you for your support.


November 5 2009

File Alpha 02

Includes improvements to the Montreal Tramway Company's Place d'Armes track routing. Many thanks to Marc Dufour for the route of the Craig Terminus and Vitre yard. Re-alignment of rue De la Commune.

Many right of ways for the CN and CP throughout the south and east out to Gaspe have been traced. Most of Joffre yard is down.

Please remember to discard previous copies of the map to avoid confusion.

October 26 2009

File Alpha 01.